Veterans Homecoming Week in Branson

Branson is known as one of the most veteran-friendly, patriotic cities in America. Although Branson honors Veterans every day of the year, Veterans Homecoming Week is a special annual event for service members and their families.

About Veterans Homecoming Week 2021

Veterans Homecoming Week salutes veterans in a variety of ways.  These include mini-reunions, memorials, a military ball, and, of course, the Veteran’s Day Parade.  There are performance opportunities for bands, choirs, and orchestras.

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Be Part of the Celebration

Your ensemble can take part in this very special week.  They can perform for hundreds of active and retired military members as a part of the parade, or at one of the many other opportunities taking place that week.

Following the performance, they will have a chance to talk with these incredible men and women and hear their stories of bravery and sacrifice on behalf of our country.  Branson Veterans Homecoming Week is truly a one of a kind experience for your students!

Bands, Choirs and, Orchestras

Get involved by choosing one of the week’s many performance options.  Bands, choirs, and orchestras of all sizes are encouraged to participate.

If you’re not sure where to start, contact the performance travel experts at Kaleidoscope Adventures.  They’ll help you find the perfect performance opportunity for your group and handle all the details of your trip.




Branson Veterans Homecoming Week 2021 Schedule

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