Classic Performance Series – SeaWorld Orlando

Animado Events invites you to perform at the Ports of Call, a magnificent 12,000 square feet, climate-controlled ballroom at SeaWorld Orlando.  Your performance will be expertly adjudicated for optimum learning and skill development and followed by an energetic awards ceremony.

After you wrap up your time in the spotlight, spend the day chasing thrills  – SeaWorld has more coasters than any other park in Orlando!

An Educational Opportunity for Young Musicians to Experience

Exclusive Musical Performance on a Soundstage
Positive Adjudication
Personalized Clinic
Trophies & Awards
Grand Awards Ceremony

at one of the World’s Greatest Theme Parks!


It’s so simple and convenient to participate!  You choose your own performance time when you sign up and enter SeaWorld directly from Ports of Call – maximizing your time in the park!



Festival Application for SeaWorld Orlando



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