About Us

What Does Animado Mean?

Animado (/aniˈmado/ ) – a Spanish word meaning vivacious, exciting, and full of energy – exactly what you get with Animado Events!


What Does Animado Events Do?

Animado Events brings energy and excitement to real-world learning experiences. Our programs are designed to inspireengage and galvanize students in new and creative ways.

Participants won’t sit on the sidelines watching the action. They’ll work directly with professionals in meaningful learning environments. These are unique and innovative teachable moments that will have students coming back for more!

Who is Animado Events?

Our expert team has the experience and connections to help you achieve your learning and performance goals.

Bobby Powell Headshot

Robert V. Powell


Always a champion for the performing arts, Bobby has spent more than two decades connecting people with extraordinary performance opportunities.

As an educator, conductor, performer, and event coordinator, Bobby has carved a path for your talented performers to experience some of the most iconic and unique venues in the country.

George Strickland

Education & Events Director

George has one of the finest reputations in the world of musical performance. He has spent more than three distinguished decades teaching, directing, adjudicating, and inspiring his field.

As part of the Animado team, George puts his expertise to work for you by crafting real-world performance opportunities that will excite and engage your students.

Karla Tomaszewski

Operations Manager

After more than 30 years working in student travel, Karla has earned a reputation for meticulous attention to detail and exacting standards. She now leverages those skills on your behalf, ensuring an exceptional event experience.