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As a band mom, I’ve become something of a band festival expert. I’ve been to festivals that pack a punch, and festivals that remind me to pack Tylenol.  I’ve seen performances that leave the crowds spellbound, and those that… don’t.  What I’ve learned is that the best band festivals are a great mix of teaching, learning, performing, and fun!

If you’re looking for an awesome performance opportunity, here are two top-notch Texas band festivals your ensembles will love!

two top-notch Texas band festivals

Classic Performance Series by Animado Events

Animado Events is bringing the Classic Performance Series to middle and high schools under the direction of George Strickland, a heavy-hitter in the Texas band world.  Each festival in the series is a competitive experience with expert adjudicators and high-quality feedback.

Epic Waters Festival

May 10 and May 17, 2024

This is an incredible performance festival in an “epic” venue students love!  The Epic Waters Festival in Grand Prairie, Texas is a competitive festival that inspires, instructs, and encourages young musicians to shine brightly in a new, state-of-the-art theater.

Participants receive a post-performance review and premium awards for all ratings.  A performance recording is part of the package, along with helpful feedback and ratings from adjudicators.

Epic Waters

After an amazing performance experience, students can relax poolside… in 80,000 sq. feet of watery fun!  They’ll splash and slide at the Epic Waters, the largest indoor waterpark in North Texas.  Each group gets its own cabana to make stowing student bags and chaperone check-on times a breeze.

Every participant also gets a gaming card to use in the gigantic arcade packed with classic favorites (Pac Man?? Yes, please!) along with new games that I can’t begin to figure out!

About the Epic Waters Classic Event

This event welcomes groups of all sizes and includes a performance, a short clinic following the performance, and admission to the water park.

Package includes:

  • Performance of 15 minutes
  • Adjudication with comments
  • Award plaques/trophies
  • Admission to Epic Waters
  • Hamburger/hotdog, chips and drink


Shenaniganz Festival

May 10, 2024

This performance festival is filled with the kind of “shenaniganz” that every student loves!  The Shenaniganz Festival in Rockwall, Texas is a high-energy, competitive festival in a fun, family-friendly environment.  Young performers have a great time learning and lighting up the Shenaniganz stage.

Just like the Epic Waters Festival, skilled adjudicators at the Shenaniganz Festival review, rate, and offer feedback to performance groups.


Then, students can get right to the fun at Shenaniganz Entertainment Center.  There’s gaming, laser tag, bowling, bumper cars, VR, and all the good stuff that kids love!

Oh- and did I mention?  Each participant also gets an unlimited buffet with pizza, pasta, salad, drinks, and dessert.  If you spend any time at all with teenagers, you’ll understand how important that is!

About the Shenaniganz Classic Event

The festival includes a performance, a short clinic following the performance, and admission to Shenaniganz.

Package includes:

  • Performance of 15 minutes
  • Adjudication with comments
  • Award plaques/trophies
  • Admission to Shenaniganz
  • All-you-can-eat pizza/pasta/salad buffet and drink

Your time at Shenaniganz also includes unlimited:

  • bowling
  • bumper cars
  • virtual reality
  • video game play
  • and more!


Amazing Price Point

Maybe it’s the mom in me, but I love nothing better than getting a great deal.  At $55/participant for Shenaniganz and $59/participant for Epic Waters, these festivals deliver a HUGE bang for your bucks!

You get an adjudicated performance with expert feedback, awesome venues, yummy food, and tons of fun… for less than you might pay for dinner out.

Hit the High Notes

If you want to hit the high notes with both students and directors, check out these two top-notch Texas band festivals.  They are outstanding opportunities to build skills, confidence, and memories – and you might not even need Tylenol!

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